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Lyft: Made in the US. Inspired by Zimbabwe.

Lyft is the second biggest ridesharing company in the US after Uber and you might be surprised to find out that it was inspired by a post-college trip to Zimbabwe.

In 2006, Logan Green was inspired to start a platform that allowed users to find carpools. When he travelled to Zimbabwe, he observed that the locals found an interesting way to get around despite the lack of good transport systems and money. Zimbabweans had developed carpool networks that solved their transport needs.

zimride lyft

Logan Green and John Zimmer created "Zimride", a platform that leveraged carpooling to provide transportation in the US. It was specifically named Zimride in honour of the country that inspired Logan Green. Zimride expanded and eventually rebranded to Lyft in 2012.

It is incredible how a solution to an African problem spawned a global business.

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