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Four places you definitely would want to visit in Africa!

Updated: Dec 22, 2022

Africa is a vast and diverse continent, but if you're looking to explore its many wonders, there are always some places that stand out. These four locations are where I'd go—and they're all very different!

Maasai Mara, Kenya

With an abundance of wildlife, the Maasai Mara is a must-visit for nature lovers. You'll be able to see big cats like lions and cheetahs, as well as endangered animals like elephants and

rhinos. The best time to visit the Maasai Mara is during the dry season from June to October when the grass isn't tall enough for predators to hide behind. And if you're lucky enough to be there during one of its famous migration periods (usually between July and October), your chances of seeing even more species increase exponentially!

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Mosi-oa-tunya (Victoria Falls), Zambia

The World Wildlife Fund lists Victoria Falls as one of the Seven Natural Wonders of Africa. The falls are wide and high, making it the largest waterfall in the world by the volume of water falling.

The best way to see this magnificent sight is to take a boat ride on the Zambezi River. If you're feeling adventurous, bungee jump off one of the cliffs or go white-water rafting down one of its many tributaries (keep in mind that these activities are not for beginners).

Fun fact: Victoria Falls was the inspiration for the Black Panther waterfall fight!

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Pyramids at Giza, Egypt

The pyramids at Giza are the only remaining of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, and it's easy to see why: they're an awe-inspiring sight. Soaring over 30 stories high, these ancient structures were built by slaves using only stone tools and ropes made from papyrus plants. You'll want to spend at least a few hours exploring the pyramid complex—it's much more than just three massive buildings! Check out the Great Sphinx nearby (which is actually older than those pyramids) for good measure. It's about an hour outside Cairo by train or taxi; make sure you have enough time before your flight home so you can check out other sights in Egypt if possible.

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The Serengeti National Park, Tanzania

The Serengeti is a large national park in Tanzania, home to a large number of animals. The Serengeti is one of the best places to see wildlife in Africa: it's estimated that there are more than 1 million wildebeest, 200,000 zebras and 300 lions here!

Many people come here to go on safari tours—you can rent jeeps or take a chartered flight over the park. The game drives are popular tourist activities as well; many visitors like seeing wild animals from close range and taking photographs or video footage of them. Some even venture out on foot or on horseback into smaller areas within the park such as Grumeti Reserve (which offers excellent views over Lake Victoria).

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Africa is a continent of many diverse cultures, languages and landscapes. It's an incredibly exciting place to visit, and there are so many different places you can go. From the deserts of Namibia to the mountains of Rwanda, Africa has something for everyone. Whether you're looking for adventure or relaxation - or both - this list has something that will appeal to your family's interests!

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