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Africa On My Mind: What comes to mind when Africa is mentioned?

The Concept

Africa, the birthplace of civilization and the continent with a rich cultural heritage... ermm okay wait... When there is a mention of Africa, some think of Africa as a poor retched place with no prospects (we and many others are working to change THIS narrative). Others, on the other hand, think of Africa as home, the best place with the best people, best food and best landscapes (we fall in this category!) But what does Africa mean to you? What comes to mind when Africa is mentioned?

"Africa On My Mind" is a celebration of Africa and Africans.

The Line

We have created a line of clothing that features a minimalist & bold design of an African map inside a head silhouette, with the words "Africa On My Mind" written underneath (Inspired by the logo of the popular Trivia Africa app).

africa on my mind hoodie

"Africa On My Mind" is a celebration of Africa and Africans; a testament to the immense pride, love and connection that you feel with Africa.

The use of the head silhouette emphasises the idea that Africa is not just a geographic location, but a part of who we are. The African map inside the head silhouette symbolises the connection to Africa, regardless of nationality or location, Africa is thought of fondly. The words "Africa On My Mind" reinforce this idea and serve as a reminder of the impact that Africa has on our thoughts and lives. They speak to the idea that Africa is always present in our thoughts and hearts and that we are proud to be a part of and benefit from this rich and diverse continent.

The "Africa On My Mind" clothing line is available as t-shirts and hoodies. The comfortable and high-quality materials in the garments make them perfect for casual wear. Whether you're going out for a night on the town, running errands, or just lounging at home, these clothes are a great way to show off your African pride.

woman wearing africa on my mind t-shirt

Whether you are of African descent or simply admire and appreciate the continent and its culture, the "Africa On My Mind" clothing line is a great way to show your support and pride.

Why not get "Africa On My Mind" as a gift for a loved one too?

Get Africa on my mind clothing from the Dopefrica Shop.

Also, check out the lion cub edition. Same Africa-in-head silhouette but with a lion cub looking up at you:

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