Africharades: Playing Charades African Style

Charades has been a great and fun way to socialise with family and friends for a long time. The game, as we may all know, involves a player getting a word/phrase and having to act out or describe it without using the word/phrase whilst another player has to guess what the word/phrase is. The game, which once probably involved the use of pieces of paper in a hat, has become a popular mobile game on the various mobile app stores with games like Heads Up!. The mobile charades games that are available have content that is broad and generalised. From international sports to chart-topping music, the charades games encompasses much of popular culture and trivia around the world.

​​Africharades uses the same concept as every charades mobile game but instead uses African content. With categories such as Music, Languages, regional Food and Dance, there is plenty to describe and guess from the African continent. For example, if you select the landmarks category in the game, you will be presented with a host of African landmarks, from the Great Pyramids to the Victoria Falls. It is the "describer's" job to describe the African landmark to the "guesser".

You can play the game in big teams or just as two people to test out your knowledge of Africa and whether you excel at describing or guessing. Other than just being a fun game, it is a fun way to learn about Africa.

Africharades is not just a game, but it is a learning experience. We want you to become more aware of and acquainted with Africa through this game.


Go and download Africharades on iOS & Android for free today and start playing and learning about Africa!

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